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Baia Beach Club Boat Menu

boatmenu1Baia Beach club now offers a great service to yachts and boats with a delicious menu specifically created to suit all boat party requirements. Sticking to our mantra of using only the freshest ingredients, the Baia kitchen has come up with a tasty and delectable selection of dishes that can be easily served on all types of boats. So if you are planning to entertain on board but want to avoid the hassle of cooking on the day or simply want a completely carefree day out of kitchen or galley, download and fill out the order sheet and we’ll take care of your lunch or supper. This tailor made service allows for the perfect opportunity to entertain on your boat and offer something different to the usual baked pasta or bread with tomatoes. From fresh fish dishes to pasta dressed in homemade sauces to creative and interesting salads, Baia is offering you the opportunity to bring expertly prepared dishes directly to your boat.


Tartars, Couscous and Prawn Cocktail

Portions are per person and packed individually

1. Tuna Tartar Cubes of Fresh Tuna combined with capers, local tomatoes, served on a garden salad with a lemon and olive oil dressing on the side€13
2. Salmon Tartar Fresh Salmon, orange slices, basil, served on a garden salad with a lemon and olive oil dressing on the side€13
3. Seafood Salad Steamed King Prawns, calamari, mussels, clams, fresh celery, cherry tomatoes and lettuce with a lemon and olive oil dressing on the side€15
4. Baia’s Prawn Cocktail Steamed Prawns in a wasabi mayonnaise dressing on a bed of fresh local rocket and cherry tomatoes€15
5. Couscous ai Frutti di Mare Fragrant couscous with steamed mussels and clams, served with salad and a cumin and olive oil dressing on the side€14
6. Vegetable Couscous Couscous with zucchini, celery, peppers, carrots and cherry tomatoes, with a lime and coriander vinaigrette on the side€10



Our sauces are freshly prepared and served in jars with a 300g packet of pasta (serves 2 people). Choose from Spaghetti, Penne or Tortiglioni. Just boil the pasta and dress with our delicious sauces

7. Amatricana Crispy smoked bacon and onions in a tomato sauce€20
8. La Napoletana Pacchini tomatoes and basil sauce with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano€20
9. Pesto alla Siciliana Sun dried tomatoes, fresh ricotta and basil€20
10. Frutti di Mare Fresh mussels and clams cooked in white wine with fresh parsley and garlic€25
Involtini alla Norma will be served in an aluminum tray ready to be placed directly into your oven. (200 degrees for 8 minutes)
11. Involtini alla Norma 3 Eggplant involtini wrapped around spaghetti alla pomarola with fresh basil and olive oil€12



12. Roasted Duck Salad Sliced duck breast served with steamed carrots, onions, celery, lettuce and a whole grain mustard dressing on the side€14
13. Baked Red Onion and Walnut Salad Sliced baked onion served with lettuce, chopped walnuts and a yogurt olive oil dressing on the side€11
14. Smoked Salmon Salad Scottish smoked salmon served with cucumber, local tomatoes, lettuce and a lemon vinaigrette dressing on the side€15
15. Fresh Lobster Salad Steamed fresh lobster (1/2 a lobster) served with pineapple, lettuce and a chili mayonnaise dressing on the side€25
16. Bresaola Involtini Thin slices of cured beef (bresaola) filled with soft cheese, spring onions and walnuts on a bed of rocket with a lemon olive oil dressing on the side€13



Orders are per portion

Sicilian Cannoli with ricotta and chocolate sauce€6
Chocolate Panna Cotta€6
Fresh Fruit Salad€6



White Wine

2013 Caravaggio Chardonnay Marsovin€11.00
2013 Corvo Glicine Duca Di Salaparuta€12.00
2012 Soave Classico Bolla€16.00
2013 Gavi Fontana Fredda€16.00
2013 Salina Bianco (organic) Hauner€18.00
2013 Greco di Tufo Feudo S. Gregorio€22.00
2013 Muller Thurgau Terlan€22.00
2012 Pinot Grigio Terlan€22.00
2013 Chablis€25.00
2013 Sancerre€25.00

Red Wine

2013 Glicine Rosso€16.00
2011 Chianti Classico Barone Ricasoli€25.00

Rose Wine

2013 Odyssey DOK Marsovin€12.00
2013 Rose D’Anjou B&G€15.00
2013 Santa Christina Rose Antinori€18.00

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

NV Prosecco Extra Dry Rizzardi€21.00
NV Prosecco Valdabbiadene Mionetto€25.00
NV Champagne Veuve Cliquot€60.00

Spirit Bottles

Smirnoff Vodka 75cl€25.00
Grey Goose Vodka 75cl€35.00
Gordon’s Gin 75cl€25.00
Saphire Gin 75cl€28.00
Bacardi Rum 75cl€25.00
Havana Club 75cl€25.00
Averna 75cl€25.00
JB Whiskey 75cl€25.00
Jack Daniels 75cl€30.00
Martini Royal 75cl€20.00


Cisk Can Pint€3.00
Heineken Can Pint€4.00


Cranberry Carton€6.00
Apple Carton€6.00
Peach Carton€6.00
Pineapple Carton€6.00

Soft Drinks

Coke Can€2.00
Coke Zero Can€2.00
Sprite Can€2.00
Fanta Can€2.00
Kinnie Can€2.00
Diet Kinnie Can€2.00
Red Bull Can€2.50


Kristal Natural Water 50cl€1.00
Kristal Natural Water 1lt€2.00
Kristal Sparkling Water 1lt€2.00


Terms & Conditions

Your food will be ready, packed and served in neat containers which can double up as plates and we will also provide you with cutlery so there’s no washing up afterwards.

Orders for lunch can be made by email at least ONE day before. You can either pick up your order from the Beach Club or have it delivered directly to your boat for an additional €10 charge.

Please note that Lunch delivery shall only take place before midday. Therefore should you require the food after midday, you will need to collect the food yourself.

Orders for dinner can be made by email before midday of the same day and can be picked up after 18:00. We cannot provide delivery for dinner orders.

Payment is required on delivery, by cheque or in cash, preferably in exact change. If food is picked up from Baia then one can come to the cash till at the upstairs bar and pay by credit card.

Although we shall carry out our best endeavours to ensure that delivery times are met we undertake no responsibility for any late deliveries.

Furthermore, we only deliver to areas surrounding Baia Beach, we kindly ask that during the delivery time you keep your mobile switched on and in your vicinity and that you keep on the look out for our delivery boat.

After receiving your order we shall send you a confirmation email. The moment that the confirmation email is sent, your order is complete. Should you fail to receive the confirmation email or a call from us, we kindly ask that you contact us to ensure that your order has been received and confirmed.

Should for any reason you wish to cancel your order we kindly ask that you inform us immediately or at least one hour prior to the collection/delivery time. Should you fail to notify us within the above mentioned time period, we reserve the right to charge you for the full cost of your order.

Download and fill in our order sheet (below) and return to us via email (you can take a picture and send it over – please make sure it is clear) or hand it in directly at Baia. Kindly make sure that the order form is signed and it includes the correct mobile number. If we do not manage to reach you on the mobile number provided, we will not be able to proceed with your food order. Alternatively you can fill in our order sheet at Baia and pay up front for next day lunch order or same day dinner order, provided that orders are made by midday.

Minimum order: €50

Order Sheets

Baia Beach – Boat Customer Details Sheet (.pdf)
Baia Beach – Boat Drinks Order Sheet (.pdf)
Baia Beach – Boat Food Order Sheet (.pdf)