New Summer 2019 Menu / Served from May


In addition to our Menu we have Daily Specials of fresh fish and various Chef creations.


Gran Piatto di Crudo
Mixed raw fish, scampi and shrimps
Tartar di gamberi di nasa con Stracciatella di Bufala 
Shrimp tartar topped with Stracciatella di Bufala
Pepata di Cozze
Fresh mussels cooked in white wine with a hint of chili, served with crostini
Cernia tempura con crosta di pattatine
Grouper tempura with a potato chip crust served with a coconut milk and ginger dipping sauce
Calamari Fritti
Flour dusted and fried calamari served with our home made tartar sauce
Polpette di Caponata con salsa di pomodoro in agrodolce
Fried bell peppers, aubergine, onion and celery polpette served with a bittersweet tomato sauce
Tagliere di prosciutti e formaggi servito con gnocco fritto
Selection of Italian ham and cheeses, served with fried bread
Hommus con pinzimonio
Our home made hommus with sliced raw vegetables


Baia’ tuna Caesar salad ***
Grilled tuna ( pink in the middle) with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, capers, anchovies, parmesan shavings and our home made tartar sauce
Baia’ Chicken Salad ***
Pan seared chicken breast strips, misticanza lettuce, shredded red cabbage, celery, carrots and red radish with a yogurt mayonnaise dressing
Insalata di mare di Quinoa ***
Quinoa seafood salad, steamed calamari and shrimps with mixed crunchy vegetables

Pasta 120gms

Spaghetti alle Vongole 
Spaghetti with clams
Lingiune alla Trabaccolara
Linguine with a fresh fish ragu, garlic, tomato and chili
Risotto crema di Scampi
Risotto with Scampi
Tagliatelle integrali con calamari, zucchini e bottarga
Wholewheat fresh pasta tagliatelle with calamari, julienne zucchini and grated bottarga (tuna roe)
Orecchiette al ragu di salsiccia piccante
Orecchiette with our home made spicy sausage ragu
Ravioli ricotta e Spinaci caccio e pepe
Ravioli with ricotta and spinach with pecorino cheese and black pepper


Filetto di Cernia scottata con zucchini alla scapece ***
Pan seared grouper fillet with sliced marinated zucchini served with whole Roast potatoes and a garden salad
Gran piatto di pesce alla griglia ( for 2 persons) ***
Grilled fish platter – mussels, clams, calamari, Scampj  and fresh fish
Fritto Misto
Light crispy fried calamari and king prawns, served with our home made tartar sauce and French fries.
Vitella alla Palermitana
Finely sliced veal cutlettes breaded with seasoned breadcrumbs ( garlic Percorino cheese, parsley) oven baked served with a cucumber, tomato and sliced onion salad and roast potatoes
Tagliata di Manzo con cacciocavallo pomodorini e rucola
Grilled rib eye tagliata topped with cacciocavallo cheese shavings, cherry tomatoes and rocket served with slow cooked chick peas and French fries

Soft Tacos (served with French Fries)

Taco di Pesce
Grilled tortilla taco with pan fried filleted catch of the day, topped with sliced fennel, cabbage, carrots, fresh lime and sriracha mayonnaise
Taco di Tonno
Grilled tortilla taco with grilled tuna, cacciocavallo cheese, sweet and sour onions and misticanza lettuce served with a wasabi mayonnaise
Taco di Pollo
Grilled tortilla taco with fried breaded chicken strips, topped with sliced fennel, cabbage, carrots, yogurt lime mayonaisse dressing
Vegetarian Taco
Grilled wholemeal tortilla taco with sliced gbenja cheese topped with sliced fennel, cabbage, carrots, fresh lime and sriracha mayonnaise

Side Dishes

French fries€4
Small mixed Garden Salad€5
Steamed edamame with chili and salt flakes€5
Slow cooked chick peas drizzled in extra virgin olive oil€5

Please advice staff of any allergies, so we can ensure there is no cross-contamination.