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Claire Galea
Married June 2012
“The first time I visited Baia Beach for a casual lunch we were blown away by the beauty of the place, and I knew this was the place I wanted for our wedding. So, a few months’ later, when we started planning our wedding, Baia Beach was our natural choice.

Baia Beach combines a natural unique beauty and amazing vistas, with a casual but chic ambience which was the exact balance we wanted for our wedding. We planned a small, intimate wedding for 40 people. The food was to die for and the setting was picture perfect. Both my husband and I have many beautiful memories of the night and we have Baia Beach to thank for this – together with our lovely guests!”

Courtney Kennedy
Married June 2012
“Baia Beach Club made our dream wedding come true. From its amazing views, beautiful decor, friendly staff and delicious food, Baia had everything covered to make our day truly amazing. From start to finish we felt at complete ease knowing that everything was being managed with care. It was the most magical day in a beautiful and serene setting – something to cherish forever.”

Neil Falzon
Married August 2012
Baia was perfect and unique for what we wanted. We were after a cool and summery vibe in a super stylish setting, giving our guests the comfort and liberty to splash out with colours, energy and fun! Our menu was simply fantastic, and we were very happy to be able to discuss various specific options with Sarah and her team. A gorgeous sunset kicked of a brilliant party, and we were able to enjoy every minute of it knowing everything was very well taken care of.

Melinda McCallion
Married September 2013
“Sarah and all the staff at Baia Beach Club could not have been any more accommodating to meet our requests. The food,ambiance and service made our wedding night a perfect celebration!”

Louise Cull
Married May 2014
“We can’t thank you and your crew enough for making our wedding party the best day of our lives! I speak for everyone who was there when I say that the food was totally amazeballs and the service was excellent! There is not a single thing we would have wanted different! All compliments to your amazing chefs! We truly did have the best baia experience! ♥♥♥”

Lisa Guillot
Married July 2014
“We had chosen the Baia Beach for its amazing environment, great food and its fine decoration. And we have got much more: the staff was more than friendly we just felt they were happy for us and pampered our guests and ourselves. Service was excellent, efficient and merry. Celebrating our wedding at the Baia Beach Club was a perfect and wonderful moment. We both thank you. Lisa & Victor”

Alfiero & Judith Cardona
Married July 2015
“Thank you so much for the immaculate way you have organised our wedding reception. We can’t be more happy! No hiccups, no surprises…just perfect! …beyond expectations! We had guests coming from all over the globe including Australia, Italy, United States of America, and Greece, and they were all mesmerized by the reception’s setting, food and atmosphere at Baia Beach! The staff were so friendly, polite and professional! The food was as some guests described it ‘a true Mediterranean delicacy’. We couldn’t ask for more! Sarah & Nello…you were fantastic! Some of our friends and relatives described it as ‘a wedding with a difference’ – and we feel it truly was! Thank you so much for making a dream come true. We would recommend Baia Beach to anyone without any hesitation whatsoever. There is nothing we would change. We are truly thrilled! Well done…and thank you so much!”

Lara & Simon Abela
Married July 2015
“From the day we started looking around for venues, Baia fit in perfect with what we wanted, a fun beach wedding. At first, Sarah was concerned of organising a wedding for more then 300 persons, but with proper planning and loads of passion for what they do, all the staff rose to the occasion and delivered a fantastic wedding.

The venue is a fraction of what we got!! We got a fantastic wedding venue with the added value of
a) Micro planning and attention to detail by Sarah and Krissy
b) Really fresh and tasty food prepared by Chef Andrea,
c) And a fantastic service, led by Nelo, which kept all the guests in awe on how a 300 pax wedding could be done with such detail and such good food and constant flowing drinks.

It was a fairy tale wedding for us. All the guests were overwhelmed by everything Baia had prepared for them yesterday. We cannot thank Sarah and her staff enough for what you did…”

Gerard & Alana Vella
Married July 2015
“Baia Beach Club is AMAZING! Sarah and her staff delivered excellence and we are so pleased to have chosen Baia Beach Club to be our wedding location and reception venue. Once Gerard and I decided on Baia Beach Club as our wedding location, we contacted the venue via email provided from their website. To our surprise Sarah responded the next day. Overall communication was really easy, with Sarah answering numerous emails and also accommodating a Skype conversation despite time zone difference between Malta and Australia. Sarah was happy to accommodate our ideas and provided some of her own to help customise the wedding day accordingly. The week leading up to the wedding, Sarah communicated with our florist and musician to discuss the finer details of our reception. During the night Sarah and her staff always made sure that Gerard and I had a refreshing beverage in our hands and that are guests were well feed with fantastic food. Sarah went above and beyond our expectations as she was kind enough to coordinate the timing of a fireworks display to coincide with our cake cutting. Overall, the venue and its location are picturesque. The hospitality of Baia’s staff was impeccable! Everything was PERFECT this was a night to remember and everyone there had an amazing unforgettable time. We would recommend Sarah and her staff at Baia Beach Club for anyone wanting to organise a destination celebration. Without a doubt you get the best value for your money. It was a pleasure dealing with Sarah and her staff.”

Elsa & Francesco
Married September 2016
“When we decided to get married, we already knew we wanted our wedding to be fun, easy, young and unforgettable, and of course, by the sea. When we arrived at Baia Beach the first time, by chance, we decided immediately. It was exactly what we were looking for, and we couldn’t have dreamed any better. We didn’t see any other locations after, we just decided straight away. It has been love at first sight.

Sarah knows her job and she does it flawlessly. She’s a great person and she takes care of everything, with a lot of passion. I trusted her in every single detail from the first day. And everything was perfectly organised. Our guests were mostly coming from Italy and they were amazed by the beautiful location, the amazing view, the superb italian food prepared by italian chef Andrea and the perfect setting. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, always with a smile and very professional, they made our party flowing perfectly and we loved it. Sarah was always present, making sure that everything was ok. These small attentions made us love them more and more.

Our wedding was a dream. We will remember it forever. And for this reason we would like to thank you sincerely for the wonderful work. It has been amazing.

PS. Everything was so great that we are thinking to do it again!!!! 🙂 (at the same place of course)”

Maria & Ben

Married August 2019

When Ben and I decided to get married and have a wedding, we knew it had to be by the sea, and the food had to be great. We stumbled across Baia by chance and immediately fell in love with the place. It was everything we hoped for and more, the food was exquisite, the atmosphere was beautiful and comfortable and the staff at Baia were absolutely great. Sarah went to great lengths to make sure things were organised the way we wanted, taking extra care for us especially during the wedding itself. It’s was a memorable night not just for us but all our guests coming from different parts of the world’